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  Wednesday, August 31, 2022 by Janet McLendon | Uncategorized

What's NEXT? Let's talk about SUMMER!

Wednesday, April 5, 2023 by Janet McLendon | Uncategorized

Any coach of any sport is always looking out for what is next...training opportunities in the off-season, performance opportunities when it's your team's time to shine.  As an academic coach, I'm no different.  We're coming upon summer, and for me, I always see that as training in the off-season, preparing for the exciting next year that starts late August.  I love practicing skills and introducing tools and strategies to make the next school session easier.  I get really excited to see the growth that can happen in only ten weeks or so of time away from the daily grind.  Whether the need is remediation or advancement, work in the summer can make a difference in the academic journey your child is on, changing both outcome and attitude for the better.

Would you like to discuss how summer tutoring in English Language Arts would benefit your child of any age?  Please contact me at cincywriting@gmail.com.  Location is not an issue, for my sessions this summer are primarily online.  If you are local to the Cincinnati area, mention if you are interested in some in-person sessions, and I'll send you more information about those limited slots as well.